County Democrats, Republicans brave elements at local caucuses

Despite snow-covered roads and frigid temperatures, a small but dedicated contingent of politically minded Grundy County residents came out for the Democratic and Republican caucuses on Monday evening in Grundy Center.


According to Grundems Chairwoman Tracy Freese, around 30 members of her party from all precincts made the trek to the Grundy Center Elementary School gym, and the discussion centered on how to connect with more potential voters, party building and appointing delegates (22 in all) for the county convention next month.


“It was a smooth process… I just felt like it was pretty unified, and people were there that aren’t typically there but are quietly active,” Freese said. “A lot of these people aren’t faces we normally see.” 


On the other side of the aisle, the GOP turnout was around 20 at the high school auditorium in Grundy Center, and party leaders appointed delegates for the March 10 county convention at the high school.


State Representative Pat Grassley of New Hartford visited the caucus and took questions from constituents near the end of the night. Both parties will have the opportunity to suggest changes to their platform during the county convention as they gear up for primaries in June and the general election in November. 


“I think we’re just concerned about maintaining the momentum in the Republican Party and at the statehouse,” Grundy County GOP Chairman Brian Andersen said. “In an off year caucus when there’s no presidential poll, pretty much only the die-hards show up, regardless of whether you’re in power or not.”


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