Developer plans new housing addition north of New Hartford

A Cedar Falls-based developer has big plans to add a new housing development at the north edge of New Hartford. The new development has the potential to add 50 new homes to town, and significantly build the city's tax base. (Courtesy photo)

An exciting new development is currently in the works for New Hartford, as a developer hopes to transform an empty plot of land at the north edge of town into the city’s newest housing development.


Though the process is still in the preliminary stages, the proposed housing addition could add up to 50 new houses to town, and eventually add around $225,000 per year to the city’s annual revenue.


The developer - Brent Dahlstrom of Echo Development in Cedar Falls - has been in contact with the City of New Hartford about the proposed development for a number of months now, and the city is currently working on annexing the land (which is privately owned) into city limits.


The site is located at the north edge of town, across from the Deer Ridge housing development, starting at the intersection of Broadway St. (U Ave.) and Beaver Valley Street, to the intersection of Vail Ave. and Beaver Valley St.


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