Former county annex building demolished

Shown above, a crew from King Construction out of Iowa Falls got to work on demolishing the former Grundy County Courthouse annex building on Monday. (Michaela Kendall/The Grundy Register photo) 

GRUNDY CENTER – Early Monday morning, bystanders stood and watched as a wrecking crew from King Construction set to work on demolishing the former Grundy County Courthouse annex building.


The old facility, which was built in 1938, previously housed Grundy County Public Health and County Social Services, though the structure had a number of issues including mold growth that led the County Supervisors to a decision on building a new facility.


The new annex building – located right next to the old one on H Avenue – was completed in late October and has been in use since then.


After the old structure is demolished and the site is cleaned up, a concrete parking lot will be installed on the lot to provide additional parking space for County employees.


As of press time on Tuesday, the structure was almost completely demolished but for a lone south-facing wall.


Mark Jungling, County Custodial/Maintenance Director, said he thought everything would be down completely by Wednesday night. After the debris is hauled off, the crew will bring in gravel to lay down for a temporary parking lot.


Work on the asphalt parking lot – which will also be done by King Construction – will begin in the spring, after the ground has had time to settle.


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