Letter to the editor

I had the good fortune of teaching and coaching at Grundy Center High School from 1973 through 1977, which just happened to be the same four years of Tim Clark’s high school career. I can still recall first meeting this little freshman kid with some very special skills hanging around the Grundy gym in the summer of 1973. From that moment on, Tim and I spent countless hours together, not only on the basketball court, but in the classroom, on the golf course or just hanging out at our house.


Tim excelled in several sports, but it was on the basketball court that he gave so many people in the Grundy Center community so many thrilling moments. He was the player that opposing fans loved to hate, which only raised his level of play to frustrate them even more. Tim was the leader on three consecutive 20-plus game winning teams and a 1975 state runner-up team which is arguably the most successful three year period in Grundy Center boys basketball history.


I had the good fortune of watching him grow into a young man of great character, a strong work ethic and wonderful family values, traits that describe how he then lived his entire life. I will forever cherish that special player-coach bond that Tim and I shared throughout his high school career and beyond. Thank you, Tim, for impacting my life in so many positive ways.