Letter to the editor

Wayne Schiebel

As the Democrats turn to socialism, now you wonder why. When they don’t win, they want to change the rules.
The Supreme Court has nine justices, which was fine when they had the majority. Now they want to change the number of justices, hoping to pack the court with socialists. Nine justices is not enough now. They also try to impeach conservative judges. They want control of the Supreme Court to pass things they can’t pass in Congress.
They want to change the voting age to 16, but not buy a gun until the age of 21, how stupid is that. They really want to take them.
They want to have a government paid health insurance. Complete government control so some bureaucrat in Washington can dictate who gets insurance and how much.
They want to get rid of borders, they don’t care about the illegals, they want votes. SOME OF THE SANCTUARY cities pay for college for the illegals, but won’t pay for Gold Star families. Obama put illegals in different parts of the U.S. hoping to get more Democrat votes in Republican states. So I think Trump’s plan to put illegals in sanctuary cities is a wonderful idea.
They love Planned Parenthood so they can kill 3,000,000 plus babies a year even if they are born alive. It’s called collateral damage. They don’t have to worry about how they vote in the future.
They shut down conservatives on social media. They only want their side heard.
They want to get rid of the Electoral College. They want every vote to count, in that case it would take only four or five states to elect a Democrat every time for president. This is why we are a Republic so the smaller states could have voting power too.
They want to change the numbers in Congress to give states with more population more members, Democrats would have control of Congress.
Climate change is a money grab, we are five percent of the world’s population, we could put a windmill and solar on every foot and they could not keep up. No wind no power, no sun very little power. It’s a computer generated climate change. They have a hard time getting the weather right for a week let alone 10 to 15 years ahead. I don’t think China, India and other countries care what we do. We have lowered our CO2 50 percent in the last 20 years. They want to tax everyone who uses energy, with the money going to the government so they can dictate how it is distributed.
SOCIALISM: first give health care to all, then take away all guns, then take away free speech to tax all the money they can get. After the money is taken the SOCIALISM falls on itself and we are a third world country, which is what they want. They hate the idea of people thinking for themselves, they want to be in total control of your life, what kind of job you can have, where you can live, how much money you can make. They want control of everything—everything you do will be controlled by the socialist democrats in Washington. 

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