Severe storms rake Grundy County

Fallen branches litter a yard in Morrison Monday. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo)

Parts of Grundy County were hit hard by severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes Sunday evening.

Initial reports indicate flash flooding in eastern Grundy County, particularly in the Reinbeck area, with storm damage from a possible tornado in and around the Morrison area. Trained weather spotters also sighted two tornadoes on the ground northwest of Conrad.

A second round of storms hit early Monday afternoon, with wind gusts estimated by spotters at up to 100 miles per hour. Hardest hit Monday was the Conrad area, where numerous trees were toppled, bringing down power lines. Grundy Center and Holland also had tree and power line damage from Monday's storms.

Highway 175 between Morrison and Reinbeck was closed multiple times Sunday evening and Monday due to flash flooding. Many county and gravel roads were also closed, with some remaining closed at this time.

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A complete roundup of Sunday's storms will be printed in Thursday's Grundy Register.