Supervisors open bridge repair bids, approve wind farm settlement

The Grundy County Board of Supervisors opened three bids for a bridge repair project and spoke with a representative of Mid-American Energy about a final settlement for the Ivester Wind Farm project during Monday morning’s regular meeting.


The county received three bids for the C-26 bridge repair project, which was estimated at $125,000: one from Kramer and Associates of Grimes at $125,285, one from Boulder Contracting of Grundy Center $115,605 and a low bid from PCI of Reinbeck at $92,500. The board voted unanimously to table action for review of the bids, and a representative of PCI in attendance told the supervisors that Highway 175 between Grundy Center and Morrison should be reopened within the next week or two.


On another project, the D-7 replacement, County Engineer Gary Mauer plans to have his secondary roads crew complete the work (three 72-inch culverts) and opened three bids for materials. Metal Culverts Inc. of Jefferson City, Missouri, submitted the low bid at $18,172.50. The low bid received unanimous approval. 


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